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  • How SmartCAT Works

    SmartCAT is an automatic data collection app matched to a ruggedized handheld RFID reader. Asset by asset, users define how and what data to collect while saving time and reducing errors with: long range RFID, Barcode, Digital Camera, GPS, Keypad or Menu-guided inputs. Asset data is stored in the reader until uploading. Read More

  • The Value of SmartCAT

    SmartCAT app is easily customized to every user's environment. Assign usernames and passwords. Build a list of your Asset Types. Create Surveys for each type of asset. Populate asset surveys using RFID, GPS, Digital Photographs, GPS coordinates or user-inputted data. Read More

  • Warranty & Packaging

    Every SmartCAT system arrives in a protective and handy carrying case complete with a spare battery, car charger and other accessories. The three year warranty includes a generous replacement policy to prevent the loss of productivity. Read More

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