Simple Yet Powerful

SmartCAT provides everything needed to reliably track, collect and organize data in the field – all without costly and cumbersome infrastructure.

SmartCAT is a mobile data capture platform featuring cloud based customizable forms, RFID and Bluetooth without requiring a large and costly infrastructure.

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1. Forms

Create and maintain custom digital forms. Easily organize and access your records from the cloud via mobile device or desktop computer.

2. RFID Tags

Save time and reduce data collection errors by reading multiple tags at once. The data will seamlessly auto populate into your forms.

3. Workflow

Efficiently streamline your workflow with digital forms and RFID tags. Improve data accuracy and gain deeper insights into your processes.

Featured Applications

  • Sanitation & Inspection
  • Asset Management
  • Winemaking With RFID

Learn How SmartCAT RFID Can Improve Asset Management Within Your Industry!