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William Frick and Company is a customer-driven ISO 9001:2015-certified processes manufacturer of specialty labeling and marking products such as signs, barcode labels, product labels, utility markers and RFID tags. Since 1975, “Frick” has proven itself as a reliable, innovative and trusted source of high-quality specialty products.

Frick Delivers Problem Solving

Innovations in Identification

Since its beginnings, Frick has developed and delivered both time and cost saving product solutions to its customers by constantly reviewing and investing in new materials, equipment and processes. We actually SEEK OUT your hard-to-solve problems… then solve them for you.

Memorable Service

It’s our company’s goal to “Create a Positive and Memorable Experience” for everyone with whom we interact. We take our business of labels/signs/markers very seriously and appreciate every opportunity brought to us. You can expect from Frick sincere, friendly and professional staff all working to make your job easier.

Frick Creates a Positive and Memorable Experience
Speciality RFID Tage and Labels

Specialty RFID Tags and Labels

Frick pioneered specialty RFID labels and tags for clients who sought the technology as a means of tracking capital assets rather than cartons and packages. Frick offers the widest available selection of the most durable and innovative RFID product tags and labels in the industry.

Positive ROI with SmartCAT App

SmartCAT Forms is a 100% customizable data collection app. Use the power of a smartphone, real-time accessibility of Cloud data storage, flexibility for a variety of data entry, accuracy and security of RFID tags and advanced functionality to construct forms and workflow that return a very fast Positive ROI for a limitless number of uses.

Error free, Verifiable, Secure, Accessible, Fast and Flexible.