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Gain real-time insight into your cleaning processes with the SmartCAT mobile app

    What Can SmartCAT Do For You?

    • Create custom forms, training procedures & tailor data fields to your specific cleaning guidelines
    • Receive alerts on your phone when a cleaning is complete or the next cleaning is due.
    • Create a portable & reliable work environment for your cleaning staff while working online or offline
    • Ensure proper cleaning procedures are followed with time stamps, dynamic dropdowns, E-signatures, and more

    Provide. Prevent. Protect.

    In order to reduce the spread of infection it is important to follow proper cleaning procedures. This includes timely cleanings, knowing which surfaces to clean and how to clean them.

    SmartCAT increases visibility in your sanitation and inspection workflows by providing training guidelines and collecting data on what has been cleaned  to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    Simply have your staff scan the RFID tag in the room and a procedural checklist with reference visual aids for that area will populate directly on the user’s phone or tablet.

    SmartCAT Sanitation and Infection Control

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