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Accurate Process Management

Eliminate inherently faulty paper forms and enhance employee safety and accountability

What Can SmartCAT Do For You?

  • Create custom forms, training procedures & tailor data fields to your specific processes
  • Receive alerts on your phone for maintenance requests and completed safety checklists
  • Create a portable & reliable work environment for your staff while working online or offline
  • Collect accurate inventory data with long- and short-range RFID, barcodes & GPS
  • Work in real-time by uploading, tracking, and accessing your data on demand
  • Ensure safety procedures are followed with time stamps, dynamic dropdowns, E-signatures, and more

Try SmartCAT for Yourself!

We’ve created this easy to follow gameboard style free trial featuring our most frequently requested forms for Electric Utility and Telecommunications applications. Click below to receive your FREE gameboard today!

All you need is a mobile device to experience SmartCAT for yourself!

Electric Utilities and Telecommunication workers often work offsite at various locations though out the country.

SmartCAT increases visibility in all of your processes while your workers are in the field. Collect accurate receiving inventory, completed safety checklists and maintenance requests on-the-go.

Save time collecting inventory while also keeping your workrs safe, all with one system.

Provide. Prevent. Protect.

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