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EVV System

Electronically verify your personal and home health care services while saving time writing reports.

    What Can SmartCAT Do For You?

    • Record what services were performed with custom digital forms and data fields
    • Retrieve past records about the specific individual receiving care with RFID & barcodes
    • Ensure procedures are completed in a timely manner with date and time stamps of when service begins and ends
    • Capture the GPS coordinates of where the service was performed

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    Provide. Prevent. Protect.

    Verify your personal and home heath care services and spend less time filling out reports with SmartCAT, an electronic visit verification system.

    SmartCAT’s HIPAA secure cloud app allows you to collect data such as GPS coordinates, date and time stamps, service provided and e-signatures.

    Use RFID to collect patient and caregiver information to help eliminate forgery and quickly pull up previous records.

    Automate billing records from the system to integrate with existing invoicing and/or RCM software platforms to enhance accuracy and efficiencies.

    This minimally burdensome system allows for complete customization to follow any individual state EVV regulations.

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