Asset Condition Monitoring

with Bluetooth



Equipment often stops running without notice. This can put patients’ safety at risk and leads to costly repairs.

The SmartCAT Solution

SmartCAT allows users to conduct predictive maintenance by logging assets’ temperatures and vibration patterns to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible. SmartCAT provides custom digital asset maintenance forms that read RFID tags to auto populate past calibration dates and maintenance records. Assets’ temperature and vibration patterns auto populate into the forms using Bluvision’s Bluetooth enabled beacons and BluFi Gateway receivers plugged into outlets.

SmartCAT’s asset maintenance form contains various fields to fill out based on the equipment’s inspection workflow. It also auto populates the temperature data from the beacons in real-time. The system can be set up to alert a user if the temperature leaves a preset temperature range. This data helps predict when equipment needs attention or recalibration.

The beacons collect equipment vibration patterns in real-time and create a base value once enough initial data is collected. As time goes on, the system uses machine learning to set-off alerts when new data differentiates from the base values. This notifies the preventive maintenance team that something is wrong before a larger problem occurs.


Conducting preventive maintenance helps track and predict when equipment may malfunction, saves money from costly repairs and keeps patients safe. SmartCAT provides asset maintenance forms and helps predict when these problems may occur by tacking equipment’s’ temperature and vibration patterns in real-time.
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