Capital Asset Tracking

with Bluetooth



Hospitals’ capital assets are constantly on the move. Having to find and bring them back to their correct locations takes time away from patient care. It also runs the risk of not having the right assets during critical situations.

The SmartCAT Solution

SmartCAT’s Bluetooth technology powered by Bluvision tracks asset’s zone based locations in real-time.

Requiring minimal infrastructure, Bluetooth and Wifi enabled BluFi Gateways plug into outlets to create zones with a virtual fence. They continuously read Bluetooth enabled BEEKs (beacons) attached to capital assets. The two work together to track and alert a user when assets enter or exit a zone.

Web Based Maps Web based maps track assets’ locations in real-time within a zone to ensure equipment is in the correct room before admitting patients. The information is also used for quick location of assets in emergency situations.

Real-Time Alerts Alerts can be setup to notify users when an asset enters or exits a zone. This allows for even quicker responses to locating assets and not wasting crucial time, especially during emergency situations.


Capital assets are often moved around a hospital and not put back where they belong. This takes time away from patient care in order to look for them. SmartCAT’s Bluetooth technology powered by Bluvision proactively tracks assets’ zone based locations in real-time to help ensure everything is where it needs to be before a patient is admitted.
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