Infection Control Management

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Research suggests that the leading cause of HAIs is environmental contamination from inadequate cleaning practices (1).

The SmartCAT Solution

SmartCAT and ePaper NFC Tags help improve infection control workflows and increase visibility into cleaned areas.

SmartCAT provides custom digital checklists and training guides to housekeeping staff. Users check-off each step as it is completed to ensure they don’t miss anything and follow proper cleaning procedures.

ePaper NFC Tags display custom visual messages to inform patients, doctors and nurses of an area’s cleanliness. Some examples include a date and timestamp with the following messages: Cleaning in Progress, Disinfection in Progress or Last Cleaned.

Supervisors can access the completed checklists through a cloud database or receive them via email, enabling them to perform inspections and monitor quality control. The admission RNs can view the cleaned, dwelling and in-use rooms via custom dashboards, ensuring patients are only admitted to rooms that are ready.


Knowing what and how to clean various surfaces as well as allotting appropriate dwell time is important when it comes to helping reduce HAIs. SmartCAT and ePaper NFC Tags help by improving infection control workflows and increasing visibility into the cleaned areas

1. Pollack, G. (2016). Reducing HAI risk through more effective environmental cleaning. Becker’s Infection Control & Clinical Quality. Retrieved from

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