Preventive Maintenance of Assets

with RFID



Without routine preventive maintenance and service repairs, equipment can malfunction, break or succumb to years of use and stop operating at any given moment.

The SmartCAT Solution

SmartCAT and RFID Asset Repair Tags help manage and increase visibility into asset records.

SmartCAT provides custom digital asset calibration and maintenance forms to the preventive maintenance team. RFID Asset Repair Tags are easy to identify and allow for quick data collection of past calibration dates and maintenance records.

Supervisors can access the completed forms through a cloud database or receive them via email, enabling them to perform inspections and monitor quality control. They can also track upcoming calibration dates via custom dashboards, ensuring all assets are up-to-date and in proper working order.


Proactively tracking assets and their digital records helps save time from having to find old paper documents while also giving insight into when new equipment needs to be purchased.
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