Hospitality Management

Get Better Visibility Into Your Operations

It’s vital that you provide a clean, friendly, and inviting facility for your customers. If you don’t, you could receive negative reviews that influence customers to stay a competitors location. Thankfully, with SmartCAT, you can quickly collect data on various aspects of your operations that could increase visibility into your processes.

Discover the value and benefits of consistently collecting essential data with digital forms on a mobile platform. Gain visibility into areas that maybe hidden or unknown. Our dash-boarding tool utilizes the clean and accurate data you collect from our mobile platform to create reports, scores, and ratings for critical processes you want to track.

SmartCAT is a 100% customizable data collection platform designed to help record accurate and valuable data. It can enable employees to do their job right with verifiable data, which, in turn, can help you provide the quality standards customers expect.

Paper vs. Digital Forms


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SmartCAT Process

Your employees go about their daily work schedules.
Your employees collect paper digitally.
Submit digital forms through SmartCAT's secure cloud.
Data collected is seamlessly integrated into your system.

What Can SmartCAT Do For You?


Create Custom Forms & Tailor Data Fields to Your Specific Needs

Collect Accurate Data with Long- and Short-Range RFID, Barcodes & GPS

Create A Portable Work Environment While Working Online or Offline

Work in Real-time by Uploading, Tracking, and Accessing your Data on Demand

Eliminate Data Errors with Time Stamps, Dynamic Dropdowns, E-signatures, and more

Common Form Uses


Room Cleaning


Linen Management


Restuarnt Tracking


Manager Inspections

Play Our Hospitality Game!

SmartCAT is 100% customizable to your processes, workflows, forms, and whatever data you need to collect.

To see how easy and customizable SmartCAT is, we have created a FREE no obligation Hospitality game. Fill out the form and we will send you the game to play. All you need is a mobile device to experience SmartCAT for yourself.