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RFID Asset Management

Efficiently calibrate, track and manage assets to ensure
everything is accounted for and up-to-date.

Depreciation, preventive maintenance and service repair records must be kept up-to-date and easily accessible in order to accurately manage capital assets. Knowing when assets need to be repaired or replaced can be difficult when documentation is lost, not legible or nonexistent.

The system of SmartCAT and RFID Asset Tags can help track and compile these documents in one accessible location. The tags easily attach to each asset and are programmed to store data such as an asset’s unique identity.

SmartCAT and the RF Prisma, a Bluetooth RFID reader, then collects the data from the RFID tags, uploading the information into customized forms. The forms can be used as inspection checklists for each asset and then stored in a cloud database, allowing them to be accessed from multiple locations at once.

By digitizing the asset documentation, a company can proactively manage their capital assets to better predict when assets need to be repaired or replaced.

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