Sanitation & Inspection

Streamline sanitation and inspection workflows to help reduce the spread of germs and pass industry regulations

In order to reduce the spread of harmful germs and pass industry regulations, it is important to follow proper cleaning procedures. This includes knowing which surfaces to clean, how to clean them, and being prepared for unexpected inspections.

SmartCAT streamlines sanitation and inspection workflows by increasing visibility into what has been cleaned and providing training guidelines to help reduce the spread of harmful germs and pass industry regulations.

After opening the Sanitation/Inspection Form in the SmartCAT Forms mobile app, the user simply scans an ePaper NFC Tag and is provided a procedural checklist with reference visual aids for that area. The checklist prompts the user when to scan the tag throughout the process – changing the area’s clean status on the tag’s display.

The completed checklist is uploaded to a cloud database where it can be accessed at any time. The information can be presented through a dashboard to easily identify which rooms have been or are being cleaned, how long it took to clean them, as well as who cleaned them.

SmartCAT offers the complete solution with customized tags and forms to help your team streamline your sanitation and inspection workflows.

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