Vineyard & Winemaking Workflow Management

Winemaking consists of many complex processes. Being able to collect and access accurate data during each process is important in order to perform quality control inspections and help meet regulations.

SmartCAT and NFC RFID Tags maximize visibility into records by tracking grapes from the soil they grow in to the barrel they’re cellared in. SmartCAT provides custom digital forms to input information pertaining to vineyard, harvest and winemaking processes. NFC RFID tags auto-populate data into the forms. This can include the vines’ GPS coordinates or the grapes’ location and previous process information. Together, SmartCAT and NFC RFID tags allow you to easily collect, access and manage your data.

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Vineyard Observation & Harvesting
Assign an NFC Wall tag to each block then using SmartCAT, read the tag to collect a vine’s GPS coordinates. From there, use the form to continue inputting information such as the vines’ conditions and Brix measurements.

Destemming & Crushing
During harvesting, SmartCAT tracks grapes’ weight and volume through sorting, destemming and crushing. Analyze loss by organizing the weight by location, varietal and machines used.

SmartCAT tracks the grapes’ volume and temperature through bleeding and punchdown processes as well as when yeast is added. The changes in volume can be monitored for reporting.

Display barrels’ contents right on the barrel using an ePaper NFC Tag. SmartCAT reads the tag and pulls up the associated contents and maintenance and inspection forms. Once the form is complete, SmartCAT reads the tag again to display the updated information.

Cellaring & Blending
Track a barrel’s size, location, temperature, volume and time spent in the cellar to gauge its Angel Share. Additionally, track the volume of topping or blend used for final volumes of gain and loss before going to bottling.

The completed forms automatically save in a cloud database, making the data easy to access and manage via phone, tablet or computer and maximizing visibility into the wine making process. View and organize this information in custom reports to help ensure compliance is met. This allows a winemaker to trace a barrel back to its vines and analyze the information along the way.

Vineyard & Winemaking Management

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