what is rfid

What Is RFID?

‘RFID’ is becoming quite the buzz word, but what is it? Grasp a better understanding of what radio frequency identification is in this “RFID 101” article.

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how RFID works

How RFID Works

Both the RFID tag and reader consist of separate antennas. The antennas are what allow communication between the reader and tags…

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history of rfid

The History of RFID

Did you know the first theory of RFID was published in 1864, yet the earliest use was during WWII? Learn about RFID’s history and how it is has become what it is today.…

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RFID Vs. Barcode

From scanning food at a grocery store, tickets at an event, or even inventory in a warehouse, barcodes are used to collect different types of data every day…

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