Improve Janitorial and Sanitation Workflows with RFID

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In order to pass cleaning inspections and reduce the spread of harmful germs it is important for janitorial and housekeeping staff to know which surfaces to clean and how to clean them.

SmartCAT and ePaper NFC Tags increase visibility into cleaned areas while providing custom digital cleaning checklists and training guidelines to janitorial and housekeeping teams.

SmartCAT’s checklists guide users through proper procedures as they “check off” steps to ensure all surfaces are cleaned. The completed checklists are stored in a cloud database and can be emailed to clients for accountability.

The Process

When ready to clean, open the custom form and scan the ePaper NFC Tag located near the designated area. This changes the display to show a cleaning in progress message and automatically pulls up the associated procedural checklist for that specific area.

The checklist acts as a guide including which cleaning chemicals to use and procedures to follow. This ensures steps are not missed and the area is properly cleaned. Additionally, it collects a date and timestamp to determine the time it took to clean. Once finished, scan the tag again to display a cleaning complete message.

In instances where proper dwell time is necessary, the tag will display a disinfection in progress message to help keep people out of the area. When the dwell time is complete, scan the ePaper NFC Tag to display the last cleaned date, timestamp, and housekeeper’s name on the screen for accountability.

The completed checklists are available via phone, tablet or computer and can be viewed through SmartCAT’s dashboards, showing which rooms or areas are clean, by who and the amount of time it took to clean.

SmartCAT helps janitorial and housekeeping teams recognize which surfaces to clean and how to clean them while ePaper NFC Tags notify customers and employers of the status of each room. Following proper procedures and increasing visibility into cleaned areas will help pass cleaning inspections and reduce the spread of harmful germs.

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