Track assets’ zone based locations and monitor their conditions in real-time

• Identify assets and collect vibration and temperature data with BEEKs, Bluetooth enabled beacons

• BEEKs send the data to BluFi Gateway receivers via Bluetooth

• The data is transmitted to the cloud through the BluFi Gateway receivers

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Zone Based Asset Tracking

• Create virtual zones using Bluetooth enabled beacons & receivers with a minimal infrastructure investment.

• Receive real-time alerts when an asset enters or exists a zone.

• Track assets' zone based locations in real-time using a phone, tablet or computer.


Asset Condition Monitoring

• Attach Bluetooth beacons to high value assets.

• Receive real-time alerts when vibration & temperature data falls out of the pre-set required range.

• Monitor assets' conditions in real-time to predict when equipment might fail & proactively conduct preventive maintenance.

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