Benefits of Facility Management Software

Facility Management

It’s no secret that the facility management market is growing rapidly. CBRE predicts the global outsourced market in facility management services will be worth $1 trillion; and that’s just the outsourced market.

According to International Organization for Standardization (ISO), facility management is defined as an “organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.”

Facility managers main goals are to provide continuous innovation, development and improvement for business while also reducing costs.

Facility Management Software

Facility management software allows managers and organizations to manage several parts of their operations across multiple locations at once using one platform. They are developed to save time and money by allowing managers to work more efficiently and effectively with increased visibility into their facility data.

Asset repair, preventive maintenance and management are three large sectors where managers can reduce costs using facility management software.

Asset Repair

Repairs will always be needed, there’s no way to get around them; however, having a facility management software that allows simple digital work order submissions to the maintenance team would save time from manual data entry and paperwork. Not only would work orders be collected using the same software where preventive maintenance and asset management records are held, but teams would be able to receive and review them on-the-go.

Preventive Maintenance

Having a proactive maintenance schedule to keep assets up-to-date and in working condition saves both time and money from emergency and continuous repairs while also helping assets last longer. Facility management software allows for easy to set-up automated inspection and maintenance schedules, as well as send notifications for when the maintenance is due.

Information about what needs to be done, forms to fill out and past maintenance records can be accessed right from the notification.  This saves time from having to search for old files. Once the maintenance is complete, a submitted digital form with an e-signature validates the work was done and is digitally filed with the rest of the asset’s records.

Asset Management

Knowing where assets are located along with their identification data, maintenance records and original manuals is very important in order to be efficient, especially in larger facilities or facilities with multiple rooms or locations. Having all of that information stored in one facility maintenance software platform can not only save time from locating them, but also increase visibility of all asset records.

Third Party Integrations

Being able to integrate with existing accounting, billing or HR management tools would be all the more beneficial to further streamline processes.

CBRE states, “the ability to put all of your systems on a common reporting platform will generate easily accessible information and identify faults, performance issues and cause-and-effect scenarios.”

Data Analytics and Visibility

Having accurate and visible data is crucial to making important business decisions. Although several companies already use data to make decisions big and small, some companies are still behind. According to CBRE, data analytics will be critical for addressing cost and performance by 2025.


Facility management software allows you to collect and view all asset data including location, documentation, repair and maintenance records as well as when assets were replaced or when they’re scheduled for their next maintenance.

Using facility management software easy to view dashboards, quickly identify patterns or spend to analyze where costs can be cut and what areas need improvement in innovation and/or efficiency.

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