Everyday Uses of RFID: Time Savings

Without realizing it, you’ve most likely used RFID technology more than once before. From paying tolls to completing tasks in the workplace, RFID helps save time collecting data in a variety of applications.

Paying Tolls

Taking the tollway can take more time than expected when drivers don’t have enough change or need change from a booth attendant. Payment methods like E-Z Pass and IPass use RFID to save drivers time by allowing them to pay tolls while driving at high speeds.

Mobile Pay

Time spent in checkout lines increases when shoppers are distracted by their phones or can’t find their wallet while in line to pay. As more and more people are becoming attached to their phones, Android and Apple have developed payment systems using RFID, allowing shoppers to save time by holding their phones to a POS System to pay with their credit card without needing to dig for their wallets.

Race Timing

Collecting times, bib numbers and runner information by hand as racers cross the finish line takes time and can lead to inaccurate data. Finish lines embedded with RFID readers and RFID chipped bibs save time by automating the data collection process and collecting multiple bib numbers at once.

Asset & Supply Chain Management

Taking inventory by physically counting or using barcodes to scan individual assets can take hours of time. RFID tags help save time during restocking and supply chain audits by scanning and collecting data from multiple assets at once.

Preventive Maintenance

Trying to find past maintenance records of capital assets takes time that isn’t always available. Data stored in the RFID chips saves times collecting data and automatically pulling the information from the database.

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

In applications such as healthcare and manufacturing processes there’s no time to guess where assets are located. RTLS using RFID saves time by automatically collecting and uploading data in real-time.


RFID helps save time collecting various types of data. From paying for a drink at a local store to tracking assets in real-time, many applications use RFID including both personal and business use. Interested in learning more about how to save time by using RFID? Reach out to our RFID experts who are here to help you with any questions you may have.

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