New Product Feature: ePaper NFC Tag

Track quality control and create accountability for workflows in your industry.

The ePaper NFC Tag maximizes visibility of the status of your assets or areas.

The tag’s display allows you to see a status message directly on or near the asset while its NFC technology allows you to collect the asset’s information using a mobile device or NFC reader.

By using SmartCAT’s mobile app to fill out a process or asset management form then tapping the ePaper NFC Tag with a phone, the tag’s display screen changes to show the updated information.

The on-screen messages are customizable to show information about the associated asset. Some examples include last cleaning and maintenance repair statuses, its contents and the name of who completed the last task. The messages can also include information such as a date and timestamp, logo or barcode/QR code.

With its 2.9 inch high contrast durable screen display, the ePaper NFC Tag is readable from many angles indoors and out. The tag contains zero batteries or wiring yet lasts up to the life of an asset!

For more features and specs, reach out to our RFID experts to answer any questions you may have.

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