New Product Feature: RFID Wall Tag

Workflow management becomes difficult when multiple check-ins or locations are involved.

RFID Wall Tags allow users to identify and collect data associated to a specific area to find out when it was last inspected, what was inspected and who inspected it.

The RFID Wall Tag is a dual frequency tag meaning it can be read via UHF or NFC.

UHF technology allows you to scan multiple tags at once using the RF Prisma to quickly collect the data from tags within range.
NFC technology allows you to scan a single tag using a mobile device or NFC Reader to tap the tag.

When the tag is read by SmartCAT’s mobile app, it auto populates the location, date, timestamp and information regarding previous check-ins or inspections into a custom form. This saves time from manually locating and updating the information.

The RFID Wall Tag’s design allows it to be used at a variety of locations. It’s water, abrasion, solvent and UV resistant as well as sealed to keep out dust, moisture and other contaminates.

RFID Wall Tags are available in kits with three colors options: beige, gray and light blue. Each kit contains one tag with various labels for customization. Included labels are: letters A through F, three sets of numbers 0-9 and popular location names such as stairs, station, bay, cell, room, area, level and zone.

For more features and specs, reach out to our RFID experts to answer any questions you may have.

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