What does a Yard Management System do?

A Yard Management System (YMS) is a software-based system designed to track trucks, trailers, pallets, high value assets and personnel in a warehouse, yard or fulfillment center. All-in-one systems help efficiently manage asset inventory and preventive maintenance schedules while keeping all files in one location for maximum visibility across multiple worksites.

Inventory Management

Using RFID and GPS equipped Yard Management Systems can help save time tracking and locating assets. RFID tags allow you to scan more than one asset at a time, saving time from manually counting or scanning each asset. RFID tags also save time from having to look in the unorganized file room for your asset information by allowing you to pull up specific asset information and past documentation for each asset.

Both GPS and RFID can help locate assets by tracking their real-time GPS coordinates or creating a check-in and out process. By having employees check in and out high value assets, managers can track where assets are or who last had them to better control loss prevention.

Preventive Maintenance

Yard Management Systems allow you to proactively set-up and automate asset calibration, commissioning and preventive maintenance schedules to save time and money from constant repairs. The systems can track your assets’ life cycles, maximizing asset visibility to help project when assets will need to be replaced.

Digital Forms

Having a Yard Management System that digitizes your inventory management, safety checklists, inspections, work orders and incident reports save time from counting, locating, filling out and submitting paperwork. They keep all of the forms in one location to help gain insight into your operations.

Work Onsite Offline

Being onsite/offline makes it difficult to implement a digital solution; however, some Yard Management Systems allow you to work online and offline for those in the yard with no internet access. The information saves on the mobile device and automatically uploads completed information to the server when the device receives internet access.

3rd Party Integration

The ideal Yard Management System will seamlessly integrate with other technologies such as scheduling and billing software, enabling you to view all of your information in one location.


Operational efficiency is necessary in all supply chains. Modern Yard Management Systems allow warehouse operators and yard managers to gain visibility and access to real-time data about their assets, asset locations and preventive maintenance schedules in one digital location. 

The information helps accurately track, plan, execute and project asset inventory and life cycles to save both time and money.

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