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Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Make sure that you are in an area that gives you internet connectivity.Check any
Forms to ensure that they are completed and not just saved as drafts. Your
server information must be correct or forms will not sync (server information should be unless your company is using a custom server).
Any new or updated forms should appear when your device is synced. If forms are not downloading when device is synced, check with your system administrator to see if forms have been assigned correctly.
Your account has a limit on the amount of devices that can be registered at a time. Your system administrator will need to go in and delete another device license in order to be able to use a new device or upgrade your SmartCAT Forms License.
Free trials allow for the creation of five unique user profiles, ten total forms, and the use of three devices. Up to 100 records can be captured per form.
This could be caused by any number of issues but the most likely culprit is a broken piece of Javascript in a form. Javascript in forms can break if an input that the Javascript is referencing is mislabeled or the wrong input type. Or if the syntax used for the Javascript is incorrect. Check and page level Javascript and built in functions in a form if the crash is a result of tapping an input.
If SmartCAT Forms crashed on opening, try closing forms and re-opening. If the
problem persists, you will want to try to pinpoint the forms causing the crash by unassigning forms until the crash stops.
Yes. If you want to keep the home screen uncluttered with the various subforms being used in your forms, only assign the main form to your user. Any subforms will be downloaded but not appear on the home screen.

Tool Bar Illustration


The refresh button in the top right will sync completed forms, uploading them as records to the SmartCAT Forms database. For more sync settings look at advanced settings screen below.


The door button in the top right will log you the active user profile out of SmartCAT Forms on the device.


Username & Password

You can access your account by entering the same username and password as you use for

Advanced Settings

1. Sync on Start SmartCAT Forms will automatically download records & forms when opened.
2. Auto Sync SmartCAT Forms will automatically upload/download forms & records when a form is completed.
3. Delete on Upload SmartCAT Forms will remove completed forms form the device once they are uploaded.
4. Downloads Records SmartCAT Forms will download any records created since it last synced. Necessary if Forms is using lookups.
5. Enable Push Notifications Allows administrators to send notifications to users on this device using SmartCAT Forms.
6. Image Size Options a drop down to select the size of images captured by SmartCAT Forms.
7. Save Copy in Album Toggle to save a copy of any image captured in SmartCAT Forms to an album on this device.
8. Label Font Type Opens dropdown to select the font of text in forms.
9. Label Font Size Opens dropdown to select the font size of text in forms.

Forms Screen Illustration


Tap the white bars to bring up data capture elements of an input.

Save As Draft

The back button in the top left will give you the option to save a record as a draft that will not be uploaded with syncing until the user hits “done.”


If a record is opened before it is uploaded there will be a pencil icon in the top left that allows edits to be made.

Edit Saved Draft Forms

Saves the record to be uploaded when the device is synced. Can be edited before syncing. Will not work unless all required fields are filled out.


A subform looks like an input but when tapped will open another form. Forms and subforms behave in the same way for saving drafts and editing, however a subform will only upload when the parent form uploads.

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