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Some Frequently Asked Questions…

No. SmartCAT was developed specifically to take advantage of the unique features (i.e. the high-power RFID antenna, bar-code scanner, GPS, digital camera, touch-screen etc.) on the reader to which it is installed. Any unauthorized copying or installation of the SmartCAT software would not only limit the app’s functionality but would be an infringement of copyright laws.
SmartCAT is designed to be able capture data from four different automated data capture features, RFID, Barcode, Camera and GPS,

Some of these, RFID, Barcode and Camera, can be configured into your customized surveys while GPS is an feature that is always present and is not configurable to surveys.

The application is designed to recognize all known 1D and 2D barcodes.

In order to configure the application and download the data collected by it, your computer will need to interface directly with the handheld.

You will need the following requirements to do so:

Need Windows ActiveSync 3.7 or higher for Windows XP or earlier, you can download it from Microsoft.

Windows Vista & 7 users may not need ActiveSync 3.7 or higher as Windows Mobile Reader Center can handle that function. (You should be able to download this off the reader the first time you connect, if not then you can download it from Microsoft.

Note: In order to interface with the reader using a Mac operating system, you will need to install Windows on your operating system to connect to the reader.

Please make sure you have “Windows Mobile Device Center” on your computer.
If not, download it from the following link
If you have “Windows Mobile Device Center” and the reader still refuses to connect, cold reset your device. This can be done by pressing the power and reset button together until the unit restarts.
Some older service pack versions of Excel 2003 have a problem opening xml files into a table format.

In order to avoid this problem you need to download Excel 2003 Version is 11.5612.5606.

This is the latest (Service Pack 3) version of Excel 2003.

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