Getting Started With Form Builder

Below you will find a video explaining step by step instructions about how to setup your account and build a basic form. To get started please visit or use the log-in on the top right corner of this page.

Log In

Step 1

Select the “Sign In” button located in the top right corner. Log in with your username (email address) and password.
Reset your password here.

Creating a form

Step 2

Hover your mouse over the tab labeled Forms. Then Select Form Builder (not Form Builder Classic).

Step 3

In the top right corner select +Create Form.

Step 4

To add your own image, copy and paste the URL into the Form URL field. When finished, select Create. *Fields that have an asterisk are required.

Step 5

To the left you will see all the elements you can use to create a custom form. In the center of the page is an image of what the form will look like on a mobile device. On the right of the page is the information you will fill out when you select an element.

Adding elements to your form

Step 6

When you make a selection from the elements list located on the left, the selected Element Properties will appear on the right side. To make the selected element required, scroll down to the Element Properties section and check the “required” box.

Step 7

To scan barcodes or RFID tags select 3rd Party from the left side elements list. Scroll down to the element properties section to fill out the corresponding field:
• iOS: smartcatcapture-third-party://
• Android: com.williamfrickandco.apps.smartcat
Key Value field allows you to specify what data will be passed to an external application.

Step 8

Selecting the image element allows you to add a picture using your devices camera. Multiple image elements need to be used to add more than one.

Step 9

To allow users to select multiple key/value pairs from a field, choose the Multi-select element . After selecting the element scroll down to the options list located in the element properties panel. Click the options list button (Green button).

To create your own list select the Create List button located in bottom left corner. Fill out the fields as needed on the Option List Properties window and select create.

Locate your newly created option under the Assign Options List, select and fill out the label field. To confirm your first option select the white “plus” . To add additional options select the green “plus”, additional options are confirmed with the green checkmark.

When finished, click the assign selected button.

Step 10

Use the text element from the element list to add a text field to the form.
• Text – allows for only 50 characters
• Text Area – allows for unlimited characters

Step 11

To add a signature element, select signature form the element list.

Saving your form

Step 12

When you are finished with your form, select save in the top right corner. Remember to re-sync SmartCAT Forms on your mobile device in order to use your newly created form.