SmartCAT Forms Support

SmartCAT Forms allows you to create custom electronic forms and checklists. The app works simultaneously with SmartCAT Capture, auto populating the collected data into the specified fields of the form. The completed forms are saved in a cloud database and can be accessed anywhere via phone, tablet, or computer.

*To find Advanced Setting on iOS open your Device Settings and locate SmartCAT Forms.
* Advanced settings on Android can be found within the SmartCAT Forms Android app.



Clean Local Database – Clean cached forms and data

Advanced Settings

Sync on Start – Automatically download new / updated forms and sync completed forms when app opens

Delete on Upload – Download new / updated forms and sync completed forms automatically

Auto Sync – Remove completed forms from the device once they are synced

Download Records – Download any new / updated forms or sync completed forms from the last sync

Enable Push Notifications – Allows administrators to send notifications to the users on this device

Image Size – Change the size of images captured

Save Copy In Album – Save a copy of the images captured to an album on the device

Label Font Type – Change the text’s font style in the forms

Label Font Size – Change the text’s font size in the forms


Sync Forms

  • Click done once the form is completed
  • *The forms will only sync once completed

Save As Draft

  • Click the file folder icon → save as draft
  • *The forms will only sync once completed

Discard Changes

  • Click the back arrow in the form → Discard changes

Edit Saved Draft Forms

  • Click the pencil icon → select the drafted form → edit form → Save as draft or sync completed form

Sync and Edit Subforms

  • Save drafts, edit, or sync completed sub forms the same way you would a parent form.
  • * The subform will only sync with the parent form

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