Chain of Custody

Create a secure, Verifiable and easy-to-Access Chain of Custody Database

Improve the Integrity of your Chain of Custody Data

When assets such as Criminal Evidence, Tissue Samples or Pharmaceuticals change hands, knowing where they are and where they’ve been can be critical. SmartCAT Forms is built to collect complete asset information and record each transaction with accuracy, accountability and visibility.

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How to Optimize the Chain of Custody Process

Chain of Custody management begins with proper data collection and cataloging for each asset. SmartCAT Forms lets you create workflow specific forms using data-field inputs like: NFC, UHF RFID, barcode, drop-down menu, GPS, camera, etc. You can even make the fields required so important asset related data cannot be omitted from the form.

Continuous Tracking

Any time evidence is removed from the evidence room, such as for testing, the evidence must be properly checked out with all required information before removal. This continues the chain of custody data trail by providing maximum visibility into the movement of evidence and ensures that anyone who handles evidence is held accountable.

Suggested Applications

Evidence Collection, Inventory, and Analysis Tracking

Municipalities handle the collection and storage of evidence on a daily basis, and need to take careful steps to ensure security and proper documentation along the way. Tagging the evidence being collected with a dual frequency RFID tag works as safe and secure evidence collection and check-in method as well as a tool for rapidly running evidence room inventory using the long range, multi-read functionality of SmartCAT. The chain of custody of the evidence can then be tracked when checked out of inventory for analysis or other purposes.

SmartCAT Forms makes entering the catalog number fast and accurate with NFC chip technology built into specially designed tamper-resistant tags that are affixed to the piece of evidence. All future movement of the evidence is captured by the SmartMark NFC evidence tag.

Easier Evidence Management not only includes checking in and out evidence but also taking an inventory of what’s currently in storage. SmartCAT uses UHF RFID technology to reduce the time required for a current inventory from potentially days and hours to minutes and seconds. Live data exchange with your cloud account tells you quickly and accurately what’s present and what’s not. Additionally, SmartCAT Forms lets you write your own tags, giving you the ability to use current evidence numbering protocols.

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