Patient Observation

Leverage the power of mobility and the cloud for the ultimate in efficiency and productivity

Conveniently Record Nurse’s Observations and Notes

In some high-risk hospital wards it’s imperative for patient safety and care that hospital staff regularly perform and accurately record patient observations; sometimes as often as every 15 minutes. That time can mean less time is available for higher priority work.

Customized digital forms, encrypted NFC Patient Wristbands and RFID Room Tags create an environment that ensures the accuracy and efficacy of the recorded observations with far less effort than traditional paper forms.

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SmartCAT Improves Accuracy and Saves Time

SmartCAT Forms uses a bi-directional sync with the Cloud allowing new records to be submitted or pulled down and pre-loaded into a form to show the caregiver previous observation data. Required data fields with easy inputs and technology like NFC and UHF RFID ensure complete accurate record keeping.

Multiple Data Inputs

SmartCAT puts a wide variety of data collection tools at your fingertips.

  • Various standard input field types including drop down menus, text boxes, radio buttons, images and more
  • Signature fields, hard-coded usernames, and timestamps ensure accountability
  • Lookup previously entered information
  • NFC – Patient Identification Wristbands have a short range and are encrypted for secure and affirmative scans
  • UHF RFID – Room Tags are readable from long range, allowing for reads anywhere in the room
  • Barcode – Allow legacy system ID’s to be read and collected

HIPAA Compliant Server

All captured and entered data is securely transmitted via WiFi or cellular network to the SmartCAT Forms cloud server. Depending on your needs, the server can be made HIPAA compliant. Patient identification and location data can then be easily verified allowing management to remotely oversee that procedures are being followed correctly while minimizing errors. Additionally, no patient data is stored on the wristbands or tags adding another layer of privacy and compliance.

Suggested Applications

Behavioral Health

A Behavioral Health Clinic requires Behavioral Health Technicians to check on patients every 15 minutes in order to verify well-being, activity, and location within the hospital. Currently, a clipboard and a paper patient roster with columns to record patient name, employee initials, location, and time are used.

This paper trail was impossible to verify that each inspection had been completed according to policy and logs were easily misfiled or damaged. The log files left the hospital open to liability, and inconsistent data records being entered into the system.

By implementing SmartCAT, the hospital is able to verify the technicians location with NFC RFID tags, ensure all data is entered with required fields and all records are accounted for because it stored digitally in the cloud.

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