Worker Safety

Get the job done faster and safer with digital forms, tracking and verifying safety procedures in the field

Linemen Safety

Putting Worker Safety First

Whether in an office, a factory or out in the field most organizations will list worker safety as a top priority. Developing, implementing, training and practicing proper safety procedures is about more than compliance; it’s about safeguarding lives – and not just workers’, but the public’s as well. Lack of proper oversight can be dangerous and even life-threatening, while also causing productivity and financial losses.

SmartCAT Forms offers a smart and immediate way of deploying workflow solutions that encourage, verify and track the use of proper safety procedures.

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Authenticate Work Records

Procedural forms built within SmartCAT help workers to verify GPS location and capture data about the work being performed by scanning tags equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology. Permissions to perform work can be pushed to and from a supervisor with signature capture functionality for authorization before the worker proceeds. Tag serial number and NFC data provides proof of presence to confirm accurate asset identification, allowing for complete control and verification of the process.

Accurate & Complete Record Keeping

Errors and omissions are common when information is manually collected on or transcribed from paper forms. SmartCAT Forms ensures both the integrity and the completeness of the data collected. ‘Good Data’ saves time and resources otherwise spent searching for lost records, correcting errant entries or making decisions with incomplete data.

Suggested Applications

Lockout Tagout Worker Safety

Lockout / Tagout Safety

When an electric utility needs to conduct maintenance on a line, compliance with proper Lockout / Tagout safety procedures is critical. Standard operating procedure instructs workers to de-energize the line they are working on and place a lockout tag with a padlock on the main switch. While this traditional method seems simple and effective, there is little real-time verification that proper procedures were followed. Re-crafting a workflow using SmartCAT Forms creates and immediately uploads a digital record of critical maintenance information for sharing throughout the organization.

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